Areas of expertise

One of our areas of expertise is the ability to complete unusual/difficult works which have specific constraints (such as time, access, engineering, location, etc). Our technical experience and a wide range of specialized and customized equipment enables us to complete these works safely, efficiently and on time – Australia wide.

We specialize in

Wylie’s specialize in deep and high production requirements of road sawing and drilling of concrete and asphalt. One of our largest machines is a custom built 100hp unit with a performance that impresses, and a fleet qty of 12 high capacity 45 hp pavement saws which also have extraordinary capabilities

Project Size from large to small

Wylie’s do not limit themselves to big projects, but are also able to perform all concrete cutting and drilling works associated with industrial, civil engineering and commercial areas

Please note domestic works are only offered to all of Melbourne and close surrounding locations

Our web site photos provides a small snapshot of some of our capabilities of what we can offer. Need to know more about us, the services we provide, or our capabilities? Just give us a call.

Industrial & Residential Concrete Cutters and Drillers

We provide…

We can provide you with just about anything that you need , from general inquiries, references, equipment customization and competitive pricing options, and solutions to complicated technical issues

Standards and Quality

We at Wylie’s , want to earn your business. We promise to keep our contracting service up to the highest standards attainable. It is our job to make your job easy as possible, and to help ensure that your project is a success

Concrete Cutters For Airports, Bridges, Builders, Civil Companies, Electrical Companies, Food Industries, Fuel Stations, Gas Companies, Plumbing, Tram Tracks, Tunnels, Water Storage, Drainage & Sewer Replacement