Melbourne Airport is always developing. If you need a reliable concrete cutting service for an upcoming Melbourne Airport project get in touch Wylies today. Our team of concrete cutting experts will be able to assist you with all your concrete wire sawing and core drilling needs.

Wylies can handle any task. We’re renowned for completing complicated and unusual jobs. Our dedicated team will adapt to any restrictions, such as tight schedules, limited workspace or custom wire saws. We work hard to ensure your industrial project is carried out efficiently.

Everyone in the Wylies crew is trained and certified to use our powerful concrete cutting saws and carry out all industrial jobs. We uphold the Australian industry standards and follow all necessary safety procedures on site.

Road Sawing

Wylies specialises in a number of sawing services including road sawing. There are many ways your Melbourne Airport project can take advantage of our road sawing service. Whether you need floors, bridge decks or road pavements cut, Wylies versatile team will handle it. Our road saws are also available to remove damaged pavement and concrete sections, as well as create expansion points for the area.

Wire Sawing

One of Wylies’ main services is wire sawing. Our wire saws are perfect for cutting through thick sections of concrete, as well as precise cutting of any shape and size. Get in touch with Wylies today if your upcoming Melbourne Airport project needs powerful concrete saws. Our diamond wire saws are suitable for bridge sections, towers, piers and restrictive workspaces.

Core Drilling Services

There are many ways Melbourne Airport jobs require core drilling. From plumbing, electrical to air conditioning, many areas in the vicinity need core drilling to create precise circular holes. Wylies collection of powerful core drills can cut through stonework, concrete, asphalt, brick and other materials.

Brick Cutting

Are you looking to renovate the Melbourne Airport building? Get Wylies wall and brick cutting team to help. We’ll be able to add new doorways, windows and archways with our brick cutting equipment. Our team can also assist with removing entire walls.

Concrete Cutting Machines

Are you after a specific concrete wire saw for your project? Wylies has a vast selection of concrete saws available to suit any job. From our 27 hp, 30 hp, 45 hp and 65 hp wire saws, to our sought after 100 hp custom-built machine, have your next industrial task matched with the perfect machine. Contact one of our friendly staff today to learn more about the different units we have available to carry out all your concrete cutting needs.

Hire Our Services For Your Next Melbourne Airport Project.

Booking our excellent concrete cutting and core drilling team is simple. You can always get in touch with us via phone or email. Ring us on (03) 9897 1500 or send us an email inquiry at Our expert team will find the ideal concrete cutting saw or core drilling machinery for your upcoming industrial job.