Road pavement/floor Saws

100 hp concrete saw                                              Self-propelled, maximum depth of cut 675mm

65 hp Concrete saw                                                Self-propelled, maximum depth of cut 650mm.

qty 12 available  45 hp Concrete saws                Self-propelled, maximum depth of cut 450- 550mm.

27 hp Concrete saw    self-propelled     maximum depth of cut 300mm
30 hp Concrete saw   self-propelled     maximum depth of cut 300 mm
45 hp Concrete saw   self-propelled     maximum depth of cut 550mm

Slotting or wide cutting

blades widths available

6mm wide,  10mm wide, 12/14/15mm wide 20/25mm wide 30mm wide 45/56mm wide

Please inquire if you are looking for a different width that is not identifiable above


Other saws
WALL saw   Max depth for wall saw 1142mm
WIRE /CABLE SAWS Cable saws virtually unlimited depths

CHAIN SAWS Max depth of cut 700mm ( one side )
HAND held Hydraulic ring saws  Max depth of cut 400mm ( one side )

Special saws

Track saws cutting up to 2 meters deep any angle required

Application; inverted, vertical or horizontal or simply limited access areas from 15mm – 600mm diameter

Any angle you require, eg; 10.3 degree to 89.5 degrees whatever angle is or may specifically be required

Hydraulic core drilling

Precision small diameter drilling & up to 10 meters deep

Core sizes available are in O.D mm (outside diameter)
Smallest is 12mm diameter and the following sizes; 20/25/26/28/30/36/38/40/46/50/63/75/82/89/100/115/125/150/165/175/200/210/225/250/275/300/325/350/400/450mm diam

500mm diam/600mm diam/700mm diam/800mm diam/900mm diam/1000mm diam etc or up too 4 ½ meters (4500mm) diameter

if the exact diameter you are looking for is not above, please inquire as not all previous custom made sizes are displayed

Electric core drilling

Types;    Electric 240 volt single phase core drilling

20amp 3phase core drilling

Sizes available; 12mm diameter to 600mm diameter (sizes as indicated above)


900mm diam to 3000mm diameter measurements can be adjustable by 10mm increments, not sure please inquire