Are you searching for concrete cutting solutions for your domestic or commercial property in Port Melbourne? Have the dedicated Wylies team assist you with all your core drilling, concrete wire sawing and brick cutting needs.

Our staff will make sure your project is matched with a tailored solution. We understand that no job is the same. We ensure all our Port Melbourne clients are given customised quotes and the correct wire saws and core drilling equipment.

Wylies are known for providing quality service and working through restrictions. From time restraints, limited workspace to customising equipment, our team will work around any current problems you’re having with your project. Our team are all certified and trained to use our powerful machines, and uphold Australian industry standards and safety procedures on site.

Road Sawing

Road sawing is ideal for cutting flat, horizontal surfaces. Whether your property’s floors, bridge decks or road pavements need cutting, Wylies expert team can handle it. Road sawing is also an excellent method for making expansion points, as well as removing concrete and damaged pavement for demolition.

Wire Sawing

Wylies is one of Melbourne’s leading wire sawing companies. We have a wide selection of concrete wire saws at our disposable. Because of our variety of wire saws we’re able to provide any project with the correct concrete saw. Our diamond wire saws can cut through thick sections of concrete, and create precise cuts of any shape and size. Port Melbourne locals can utilise our concrete cutting saws for piers, towers, bridges and areas with a restrictive workspace.

Core Drilling Services

Aside from our concrete wire sawing, Wylies is also renowned for its core drilling services. Our robust core drills can cut through materials like asphalt, stonework, concrete and brick. Our core drills are often used for plumbing, electrical and air conditioning projects that require precise circular holes.

Brick Cutting

Are you currently renovating your Port Melbourne home or office? Get Wylies wall and brick cutting help you add new doorways and windows to your property. Whether you need entire walls removed or want an archway, no task is too difficult for our brick cutting team.

Concrete Cutting Machines

Our huge range of wire saws is available to all Port Melbourne projects. Wylies has a variety of ready-to-use machines, and we can also customise equipment for any task. One of our esteemed machines is our powerful 100 hp unit. We also have 12 high capacity 45 hp pavement saws at our disposable. For other requirements, our company also has a 65 hp, 30 hp and 27 hp wire saw. Talk to one of our staff members today to learn more about our concrete saws.

Hire Our Concrete Cutting Service For Your Upcoming Port Melbourne Project.

No task is too big or small for Wylies Concrete Cutting. We’ll help you find the right concrete cutting saw and core drilling service that suits your needs. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today for any inquiries. You can call us on (03) 9897 1500. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at