Specialized equipment, has been engineered and constructed to suit various projects indicated below, the equipment can now be used in the civil markets and alike, assisting the following contractors to be more efficient

Safety, The below works have been successfully completed, without a human incident for over 20 years

Confined Space equipment engineered and personnel trained, apply to day/night works 24/7 in the experienced projects (noted below)

Commitment,  whilst 80% of most common work profiles are of a normal simplistic mode, the below experiences identify, work scopes requiring a focus on accuracies, production, and a greater degree of engineering design and challenges outside of the normal mode



Bridges;    Qty 23

Victoria, City and country regions  including West Gate Melbourne, Mac-Gibson; MacRobertson, SE Freeway elevated structures; Burnley Tunnel; Phillip Island qty 10,000+ holes

Specialized equipment has been engineered to suit the following work categories;

Core drilling sample of accuracies,  qty of 64 blind holes, required for each core, 2 x specific angles along the vertical/horizontal axis , coring of 100mm solid steel plates and various 38/24mm diam re-bar at depths of 1.8mtrs, and maintaining 23 degrees and 6.5 degrees on the other axis, from the start to the end of the core, each cored hole confirmed less than 1 mm deflection, all holes triple checked and approved by various government bodies and 2 x Senior Bridge Engineers

Site specific, recovery of more than 100 vertical core samples, with tolerance levels of 1.5-2mm, over a depth of 8 meters deep, blind holes (not thru holes); Chainsawing 700mm deep; Floor sawing 700mm deep accurate within 2 mm

Core drilling of group patterns for bridge strengthening can be accommodated with tolerances of 1.5-2mm


Airports;   Qty 3    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane;

Floor sawing to 550mm deep and core drilling into the concrete runway (high MPA) literary hundreds and hundreds of 260mm – 3-400mm diameter and depths of 250-300mm deep with an average of 10-15min p/hole; maintaining consistencies to safety procedures, complying to air side securities, compliance to access for taxi ways and live runways, demanding efficiencies of maintaining work scopes in vertical/horizontal surfaces of core drilling, and maintaining accuracies within 1.5mm tolerance, over a distance of 4km

Trams track replacement programs ; currently known as, Metro trains

Emergency and scheduled works for both country rail and tram track replacement programs over Melbourne and suburban districts , and country regions

Core drilling; small bore, medium bore cores, vertical/horizontal, with limited access eg; 25/30mm diam x 300mm deep within 500mm limited space; eg; 75mm diam horizontal x 1.8mtr deep at 700mm center distances thru train bridge abutments

Track replacement, works for longer than 15 years

EG: Floor sawing; CBD Melbourne, various minor repair works, up to 15-20 locations, p/6.5 hr shift p/machine

Thru to high production, utilizing a qty 8 x customized 45hp saws to cut 3000 mtrs x 200mm deep asphalt with no more than 10mm deflection on the parallel line, and including a qty 320 rail cuts (D section 185mm deep) inside a 5.5 hour shift over a distance of 1.5km, and working from self provided water tanks and pumps


MMSR Melbourne Sewer Replacement;  Qty 4 cuts, 1st time ever successfully achieved world wide, Wire sawing of 100mm thick steel lined sewer, without an explosion at depths of 10-15mtr below surface; Core drilling and Specialized Chainsawing equipment constructed and engineered to suit the cutting of 100mm thick steel/concrete lined pipe at 1.5mtr diameter


Ports and Wharves;     Station Pier, Docklands,Webb Dock; Coode Island; various wharves along Yarraville/Maribyrnong and along the Victorian coast line;

Wire sawing; Floor sawing; Retaining core drilling samples from dropping, into the water, sizes from 50mm diameter up too 900mm diameter x 10000mm deep, over existing suspended concrete structures

Underwater chainsawing;  

Thiess; Melbourne Water, a specialized 25 hp chainsaw was utilized for the cutting of approx 10mtrs x 900mm deep with various other depths of cutting on the vertical and horizontal planes, professional divers were trained on site, where at times there was a zero visibility, this complemented the equipment design, zero rate of incidents was recognized


Telstra;  Production was maintained for more than 2 years,  Floor sawing and Core drilling equipment designed for extreme limited access, to suit the cone shaped pits ends and adjoining p3 pits, and procedures to suit cable protection whilst floor sawing

Major Gas and Electrical companies throughout Victoria;

Emergencies and programmed/scheduled repetitive works of core drilling and floor sawing both shallow and deep cutting without cutting of the existing below ground services


Water storage and water reticulation;

Tatura Dam Committee; Melbourne Water;

Floor sawing of major water supply lines and suburban/domestic  reticulation,

Work scopes to various major dam retaining structures throughout Victoria, Floor sawing; Core drilling; Emergencies, and scheduled works of deep floor sawing, large bore and small deep bore core drilling  up too 8mtrs deep

Civil Construction,  Multi-floor works;

Large to small profile groups of builders, Core drilling; Wire sawing; Chainsawing, Floor sawing of existing suspended/elevated concrete structures as required


Fuel Stations;

BP; Caltex; Shell; Mobil;  Melbourne; Darwin, Northern Territory Groote Eylandt;

Floor sawing, including procedures designed in 1995, to remove unsightly over-cuts on corners with particular attention to safety protocols, whilst cutting in leaking fuel stations


Food industry and cold storage;

Known brand names and major food suppliers;

WCC can and continues to provide a powerful 40hp 3 ph electric floor saw to depths of 450mm deep,  in extreme frozen and slip hazard environments


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