Looking for a dependable road sawing service in Melbourne? Don’t waste any more time hunting down the right road cutting solution for your residential or commercial project. Hire Wylies Concrete Cutting and Road Sawing experts today.

Wylies’ expertise lies in completing every kind of project. No matter what kind of restrictions there are, our concrete cutting crew will get the job done. Whether there are time restrictions, accessibility issues, design flaws or difficult to reach areas, Wylies will always provide excellent service.

We guarantee that all the projects we complete are done by certified and trained staff. Everyone in the Wylies Concrete Cutting team upholds industry standards and follow all safety procedures to provide your Melbourne property with accurate road sawing. No job is too complex for our road sawing crew.

What Is Road Sawing?

Self-propelled pavement/floor sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method. It is typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and road pavement. Road sawing is also an excellent way to provide expansion points, remove damaged pavement sections as well as remove concrete sections for demolition.

Tailored Road Cutting Equipment For Melbourne Projects.

What makes Wylies stand out from other concrete cutting companies in Melbourne is our customised concrete cutting equipment. We’re renowned for our large custom-built 100hp unit, as well as our collection of 12 high capacity 45 hp pavement saws. We also have 65 hp, 30 hp and 27 hp concrete saws. Because of our wide variety of Melbourne road saws, Wylie’s versatile service is available for every kind of commercial and domestic projects.

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Need help with the right Melbourne road saw for your commercial or residential property? Call our professional concrete cutting service today. No project is too big or too small for Wylies Concrete Cutting. We provide all Melbourne locals with the right solutions and tools for road cutting.

Get in touch with our friendly staff via phone or email. You can call Wylies on (03) 9897 1500 or send us an email at info@wyliescc.com.au. Our consultants will help you find the perfect concrete cutting method for your property.

We can provide you with all the correct information about equipment customisation, pricing options, technical issues, references and more. Have Wylies take care of your road sawing in Melbourne.

Maximum depth 675mm